Those gorgeous credit-tuned sands haven’t even settled for the undeniable hit that is Black Panther (check my review here) and already talk is brewing for a return trip to Wakanda with a sequel. No surprise really with it already set on the way to breaking records, Marvel head Kevin Feige is eyeing up the board to see if he can get the Panther back on the prowl somewhere down the line, but the question remains if director Ryan Coogler will be back to lead him there?

In an interview with Variety, Feige revealed details about T’Challa’s importance in the MCU and how the breadcrumbs have been laid even prior to his début in Captain America: Civil War as far back as Iron Man 2.

“We always knew we wanted to do it someday. We always knew it was the manifest destiny of Marvel Studios to bring to life all facets of the Marvel universe. At the end of Iron Man 2 when Nick Fury is discussing for the first time the Avengers initiative with Tony Stark, he’s brought him to this secret shield warehouse. One of the maps prominently displayed is a map of Africa with a little pinpoint to where Wakanda is. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we talked about Vibranium for the first time and Bruce Banner mispronounces Wakanda. We’ve been feeding it through the films, knowing if we had the opportunity to keep making films, Panther was high on the list. It was his inclusion in Civil War that sped it up.”

Such is the required response when dealing with royalty, obviously. When discussing the future of the King however, Feige made his thoughts clear that he ‘absolutely’ wanted Coogler back in the fray and saw it as a blessing that they’d waited so long for the Creed and Fruitvale Station director to handle proceedings, considering that Wesley Snipes had eyed bringing the character to life way back when.

“I’m very glad this movie wasn’t made in 1992 because Ryan Coogler might not have been born.”

If you’re looking for a statement to make you feel old there it is, folks.

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