Kevin Costner is set to skull-cracking mode in the brand new trailer for 3 Days to Kill which sees him as a loving father and professional killer in a dangerous situation. Not quite the sort of territory you’d imagine Costner playing in, has the unthinkable finally happened and Liam Neeson‘s found competition for Deadly Dad Of The Year Award?Directed by McG (no wait, come back) 3 Days To Kill takes the lead role as a Secret Service agent at the top of his game and on the road to retirement. Keen to spend more time with his family and less time popping fools, our heroes plans go sideways when he discovers he’s been infected with a deadly virus and his only way to get a cure is do one last job for the company.

If the swaying camera vision and serious case of the sniffles wasn’t enough to deal with, our lad must also get stuck in to some quality time with his daughter (Hailee Steinfield) whilst trying to keep her in the dark at the same time. Like that’ll happen? Cue exploding cars and sweaty men screaming in fear at Costner and a few dry laughs here and there for good measure and you could be on with a winner.

It’s no surprise that the script was written by Adi Hasak and Taken producer Luc Besson what with the father/daughter/danger mix. Besson also produced this and by the looks of things could be on with another winner. See if 3 Days To Kill aren’t days wasted when it arrives next year. Just for an added bit of Costner goodness check out the poster for the film below as well.


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