The keen eared Marvel fans no doubt shuffled in their seats in glee when Stephen Strange’s name was mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and since then a number of names have been pulled from the magic hat as potentials. Jon Hamm claims his connections to the character go as far as fan boy discussion threads and the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp were merely dream choice casting. All those contenders can stand aside though as it’s been revealed that Joaquin Phoenix is now in final talks with Marvel for the role of Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

The news come from Collider who caught word that Phoenix is close to closing down his contract and needs only a few details to be set before he signs. This sort of confirms what many sources had already cottoned on to months ago when it was rumoured that him from Her had been buying bookshelves worth of research material for the character. Guess he’s finally felt the magic then? Unfortunately this shoots down the recent rumours of Boardwalk Empire‘s Jack Huston being in the running for the role which would have certainly been a brave choice. Having said that this one seems pretty daring and should suggest that there’s something extra special in the script to get the Oscar nominees attention.

For those whose knowledge of Marvel stretches as far as iron men who look like Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Strange is a long time character who delves in the mystic arts. Originally a gifted surgeon, Steven Strange is unable to take his talent any further when his hands are severely injured in a near fatal car crash. Willing to go to any limit to return to his former profession, Steven travels to the Himilayas in the hope he can sort himself out. Instead he meets a mysterious man known as The Ancient One, who teaches him mystic arts he must use to battle foes from an alternate dimension, finding his new calling as our protector.

Alternate dimensions? Mystic arts? Have Marvel got the right man? For the time being we can only wait and see. No sooner have Collider got this recent revelation than Latino Review have shot it down suggesting that Phoenix is still unsure. Watch this comic book crammed space, readers.

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