Shark still looks fake.

30 is a big number. For some, it’s a number to fight tooth and nail to stay away from but in the case of Back To The Future, it’s the anniversary of its release and to celebrate an ad campaign is trickling out that is years ahead of its time.

If you cast your mind back to Back To The Future Part II, you’ll recall young Marty McFly being engulfed by a holographic shark from Jaws 19. Well, the clever folks at Universal have made a mock-up trailer for the coveted works of young Max Spielberg and you can check it out below. Be warned though, as this time it’s really, really, personal.

Great, right? The BTTF splurge doesn’t stop there, either. Not only are the efforts to get you hyped for a film we’ll never see (don’t get any ideas now, Universal), but Pepsi are also releasing a limited edition version of their bottle seen in the film as well. 6,500 of these coveted cola containers will be sent out, so be sure to track, hunt and kill any innocent bystanders to get one and send it to us.

Of course, for the Back To The Future fans who just want to see the film, you can grab a hold of the special edition box-set that’ll be hitting shelves October 20 in the U.K. Of course, if you want to go the extra mile, the U.S. are getting not only the trilogy, but the animated series and a fully operational Flux Capacitor as well. Once again, solid proof that the folks across the pond do get all the good stuff, after all.

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