If recent rumours are anything to go by,  Jason Momoa may have learned his lesson from turning down Guardians of the Galaxy by accepting an offer on the other side of the comic book strip. After the past couple of months there’s been a bit of speculation that the ex-Khal is in fact taking the role of Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe that looks to be expanding by the day. Along with the likes of Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher as Wonder Woman and Cyborg, Momoa will (according to HitFix) be appearing as King of the deep and ruler of all that swims in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will see Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian going toe to toe with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

There’s no solid confirmation just yet of course so for the moment nothing is (ahem) watertight. Apparently the site has got wind that Snyder has been setting up character designs and maybe sharpening a trident to place in the hands of Momoa. If that really is the case, then an official announcement could come from the studio very soon.

The recent super scoop follows on from the supposed leaked DC film schedule (via Empire) that highlights what adventures follow on from when Batman meets Superman in 2016. Should that be true as well, we’ll be getting the following:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – May 2016

Shazam! – July 2016

Sandman – Christmas 2016

Justice League – May 2017

Wonder Woman – July 2017

Flash / Green Lantern team-up – Christmas 2017

Man Of Steel 2 – May 2018

As you can see though, there doesn’t seem to be a space a solo gig for the valued member of the JLA, so this whole bit of gossip be just hot air. We’ll have to wait to see what washes up on shore in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out kiddos.

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