She does look, it’s right there.

She might have taken her time to find one but as the brand new poster for the Natalie Portman-starring western states, Jane Got A Gun, and she’s not afraid to use it.

It really is a miracle that we’ve got this far considering the problems that have plagued the film that was helmed by Lynne Ramsay, before she did a runner on the first day of filming. Then talent in front of the camera came, went, and got moved round until Gavin O’Connor parked himself in the director’s chair for another attempt at the film.

Consisting of a cast that would make you wonder why anyone would bail on it in the first place, Jane Got A Gun sees Natalie Portman seek help for an ex-boyfriend (Joel Edgerton), after her husband makes a break for it to avoid a lethal gang of gunslingers out to get him. Somewhere along the line, Jane takes up arms, pistols are drawn and the West gets mighty wild because of it. Cracking stuff.


Fortunately, Jane Got A Gun will be riding into European cinemas in November, whereas the unfortunate folk across the pond won’t be seeing it until February of next year. Just be glad we’re seeing it all okay, folks?

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