Wright sees a crime boss in Oscar-winning star.

Now that we’re done wondering what could’ve been with Ant-Man by seeing the finished product, Edgar Wright fans can stop wondering on what could have been and focus on what will be. For example, news is in that Jamie Foxx is in talks to join the cast for Wright’s next project, Baby Driver.

Already nabbing the heart-melting master Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Starsto take the wheel as the lead in the film, Baby Driver focusses on a young getaway driver whose latest job skids out of control. Should Foxx take the part, he’ll be a no-good crime boss that Elgort’s wheelman encounters and immediately regrets doing so. Probably.

So far, Foxx’s schedule is looking pretty clear. He’s currently filming Sleepless Night that sees him as a desperate father searching a nightclub to find his kidnapped son. There’s also that rumoured Mike Tyson biopic with Scorsese, as well as Blink a heist film that sees thieves kidnap a paralysed man who has secrets they need, but can only communicate by blinking. Yes, you read that right.

Currently there are no other names attached to the project just yet, and with no date confirmed for when Baby Driver will be parking up in cinemas expect things to stay quiet for now. Either way, this is some reassuring news that the wheels are turning (slow as they may be) for Wright’s next picture, and I for one can’t wait.


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