Considering that Humans has been Channel 4’s most successful drama for 20 years, it’s no great surprise that it’s just been renewed for a second series.

In a world where robots are as much of a staple in the modern day suburban home as microwaves and kettles, Humans explores our relationship and reliance on technology in 21st century society.

While numerous films, such as Will Smith’s 2004 smash iRobot, have explored the issue of artificial intelligance, the topic has largely been left alone by television.

British writers Sam Buckley and Jonathan Brackley couldn’t have imagined the subject matter receiving such great acclaim. Six million of us tuned in for the pilot back in June, and both in the UK and in the US, Humans has continued to draw big audiences.

With audiences of around 2 million across the pond, Humans is a top five cable drama and has broken the recent trend of needing to make a period drama featuring stately homes and petticoats to get any kind of trans-Atlantic success.

Co-producers Channel 4 and American network AMC will begin production on another eight instalments of Humans next year.

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