Those that thought no one could take on the role of Big Red other than the legendary Ron Perlman may have to check themselves, lest they wreck themselves, after the release of two brand new trailers for this year’s reboot of Hellboy. This take sees equally gruff good guy David Harbour (Stranger Things) don that iconic Fist of Doom under the direction of Dog Soldiers and The Descent’s Neil Marshall.

Based on the Dark Horse comic book hero, Hellboy sees the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense’s top employee (Harbour) come face-to-face with an age-old enemy in the form of villainous Nimue aka the Blood Queen (Resident Evils Milla Jovovich). Thankfully, the crimson crusader against the supernatural is aided by his adoptive father Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (aka Professor Broom aka Ian McShane), Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane) and Major Ben Daimio (Losts Daniel Dae Kim) to make sure the world doesn’t end up a scorched burning mess.

Check out the brand new green band Hellboy trailer here.

Showing a bit more in this latest preview than Big Mo with a machine gun (although she does have an appearance here), both the green and red-band trailer confirm that this will highlight Hellboy’s origin of how he left his world and came to fight for ours. This alone may get the odd eye-roll given that Guillermo Del Toro had already done a devilishly good job at highlighting that in his 2004 version. However, given that not many people saw it, or The Golden Army sequel that followed, it makes sense to give a refresher course.

Besides that, it’s an all-new mission from the man with the big right hand as Hellboy looks to be getting up to his arms in inter-dimensional beasties (no change there, eh Harbour?), monstrous threats and copious amounts of blood, guts, and blunt force wit that Hellboy fans will be ready for. One additionally interesting element to things is seeing Jovovich go bad for a change as the Red Queen. After making a career out of battling the undead, only to probably call an army of them to take on our hero, there’s every chance this evil streak might be a good fit for her. More importantly, will Harbour handle the role that Ron Perlman took on so effortlessly an almost unthinkable 14 years ago? We can only wait and see when all Hellboy breaks loose April 12.

Check out the swearier, bloodier Band trailer here.


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