In news that could bode well or woeful for just about any video game adaptation, Blumhouse have announced that crafter of 80s and 90s childhoods, Chris Columbus will be directing Five Nights At Freddy’s and hopefully taking a leaf out of the same book he penned that classic frightening family gem, Gremlins, and not, you know, Pixels

The announcement came from the sages of scares, Blumhouse Productions who confirmed Columbus taking on the directing duties by showing the chair he’d be parked in. For those that don’t know, the film will be based to the game of the same name, that saw players as a security guard working night shifts at a family restaurant littered with animatronic characters. The issue here though, is that these particular critters come to life and are set in doing away with their unwanted guardian, which will no doubt play as the crux of Columbus’ tale.

Many would deem this a perfect fit for the director, given that he’s the mind behind the likes of both Gremlins and Home Alone as well as directing the first two Harry Potter films. Unfortunately though, he’s also responsible for Pixels, a crime which simply can’t go unnoticed. We can only hope he taps into his heyday, rather than his more recent endeavours.

Hopes are high that with Blumhouse Productions – a company that a solid name for themselves in horror – will be able to put their heads together and ensure that Five Nights At Freddy’s is time well spent. Currently there’s no confirmed start date or cast, so watch this space or any shifty looking bear robot that might have wandering eyes.

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