These are who you’re gonna call.

Laughing maniacally in the face of fandom from the safety of his own twitter account (probably), Paul Feig is continuing to slip selective morsels concerning his upcoming Ghostbusters film. Following the previews of proton packs and choice modes of transportation, the Bridesmaids director revealed just who his carefully picked cast members will be playing in the new film and none of them have Venkman in their names, thank Zuul.

We do indeed Mr. Feig. So just to clarify, Kristen Wiig is Erin Gilbert, Holtzmann will be played by Kate McKinnon, McCarthy is Abby Yates, and Leslie Jones is Patty Tolan. As for supporting stars, Chris Hemsworth will be planting his strapping self behind the Ghostbusters desk whenever they get one, and Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Neil Casey and Matt Walsh will also be there to back these girls up.

So far, so uncertain. At the minute nothing is really screaming out to say just how good this film will be, no matter who appears in it. The best thing to do might just be to wait and see when these snaps turn in to official bits of footage from the film, and fans can rest easy at the idea that their beloved comedy classic isn’t tarnished forever. Hopefully, anyway.

Ghostbusters will be tearing round the streets of Manhattan looking for spooks next year, July 22.

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