There’s a noose loose.

This film lover will openly admit he thought the handheld horror sub-genre was a goner, but then Unfriended scared the living hell out of him recently. With that Skype-infused scare-fest in mind, I’d dare keep an open mind and well protected neck for upcoming horror, The Gallows.

Set years after an actor died on stage during a high-school play, a brave bunch of youngsters bust in to the premises to celebrate the horrific anniversary (bloody kids). Naturally, a wave of horror soon sweeps the school halls, as our filmmakers fear and fight for their lives, against an unknown enemy that’s out to get them.

The film is backed by Blumhouse Productions, who handled both the Paranormal Activity and Insidious films. Expect plenty of shaky shots of women screaming inches away from the camera, but maybe a few pleasant (or unpleasant depending on your fear levels) along the way as well.

The Gallows will be swinging into cinemas in the U.S. July 10, and in the U.K. July 17.

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