That time of the year has come and gone that split the world right down the middle, between those either drank their weight in alcohol to forget about the year they’ve had, or maybe count down the last seconds of 2013 ready for a fresh slate in 2014. If you are (thankfully) in that second group then you might want to spare a thought for the success stories of cinema that had characters walk/drive/fly off into the sunset with an unknown future and looking like an absolute boss doing so. Read on and on a personal note, I wish you the happiest of New Years. 

I think I’ll have a drink.

To start off our fresh starts, we’re going back a bit to the good old year of 1987, when Kevin Costner ruled the world and the idea of him being sucked up in a tornado halfway through a film was near unthinkable. In Brian DePalma’s lengthy battle between the law and the lawless, Costner’s Elliot Ness clears away his office, lamenting lost friends and having a quiet moment with himself over the trials he’s endured and a St. Judan pendant he knows doesn’t belong to him.

Passing it on from one good cop to another, Ness leaves the office only to cross paths with that annoying reporter who breaks the news that Prohibition is on the way out and queries what the future holds for Chicago’s toughest lawman. Adding the icing to this bullet riddled cake, Ness says what any one would do in his place, “I think I’ll have a drink.” From here Ennio Morricone’s beautiful score takes over, punching in to the ear drum as our hero wanders off down the street, lost among the hustle and bustle of a now Capone-free Chicago. Here endeth lesson.

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