So secret, no one knows what it’s called.
Like Steven Spielberg? Like Tom Hanks? Then boy are you going to love this brand-spanking and rather informative new photo from the pair’s next endeavor The Cold War Spy Film With No Name.

That is of course not the title, well it could be. At the moment there’s no signed and sealed name for the legendary director’s next film, but whatever it’s called, it will certainly be one with a plethora of reasons to see it. Not only are these two movie mates getting together for a fourth feature, but one that spewed from the award-winning and masterful script dispensers also known as the Coen Brothers. See, got your attention now don’t I?


See, it snowed. Consider yourself informed.


Based on a true story, the film tells the tale of James Donavan, a lawyer working for the CIA who headed over to Russia during the Cold War to bring a U.S. pilot, Francis Gary Powers back safely after crashing a US spy plane on their turf in the 1960s. Naturally the Russians weren’t too happy about this discovered snooping, leading Donavan to try and dampen the fire and get our boy (and himself) safely home in secret.

Speaking to EW, Spielberg revealed his enthusiasm for the film we still don’t have the name of and his fascination with Donovan’s story.

This is one of the more astonishing stories about the Cold War I’d ever heard. James Donovan is a hero to me, and Tom made him so completely accessible.

The director went on to add that even following his plethora of classic films, this one manages to check something off the list that he’s never done in the past.

I’ve always wanted to make a spy film, and this is that and then some.

Hopefully, the some will consist of an actual name somewhere down the line? Preferably some time before its intended release of October 16, 2015. Just a thought.

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