Who’s the cat that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about? Well it seems that job description could apply to three potential applicants this year with the first look at the brand new Shaft reboot, starring OG private dick, Richard Roundtree, F-bomb dropping on-screen new nephew, Samuel L. Jackson, and young blood Jessie T. Usher as the titular Son of Shaft. All have appeared in a brand new image with matching wardrobe and a collective bad attitude that makes me suddenly nervous of any outstanding parking tickets – and I don’t even have a car!

For those that might have missed the Shaft revival back in the grand old year of 2000, Jackson rivalled even Roundtree in levels of cool as the nephew of the hero from the 1971 classic. Chasing down a preppy son of a millionaire after a vicious murder, Jackson delivered all the requirements for what it is still a guilty pleasure of a film. Also displaying Jeffrey Wright before he was turning heads in Westworld and a young Christian Bale as a young, racist POS, it really is worth a watch. For a taster please see below.

Flash forward 18 years and Independence Day: Resurgence star Jesse T. Usher is taking the mantle as New York’s next super slick lawman with Ride Along director Tim Story running the show. The latest snap isn’t exactly official but was taken for fashion designer Aleks Musika, who has braved the task in acquiring the wardrobe of three generations of Shaft. Is he up for the task? You’re daaamn right.

There’s no doubt that they’ve got the look down of reigniting the spark for Shaft legacy, but can they talk the talk, as well as walk the ridiculously cool walk? We can only wait to find out when Son of Shaft appears on screens in June 2019.

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