It’s like an acid trip with added Hasselhoff.

Having only put its fist through the internet today, crazy neon-lit short film Kung Fury is calling a well-earned stir thanks to its 30 minute or so collection of madness. Originally beginning as a Kickstarter, the project then turned into a flying kick of honour to the 80’s classic action films, and is itching to be made into a game that everyone would buy.

Set in 1985 Miami, the film follows a renegade cop who is bestowed with crazy martial arts skills after being hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra (standard). His toughest enemy though, comes in the form of Adolf Hitler who travels to the future to wreak havoc, forcing Kung Fury to go back to the past and stop him before he can make his move.

Shit happens. There’s vikings battling laser-eyed velociraptors and thunder gods fighting beside gun-toting dino, Triceracop. I’m really not selling this enough. Just do yourself a favour and free up half an hour, and after celebrate with the films soundtrack backed by David Hasselhoff. You’re welcome.

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