Filed immediately under ‘So Crazy It Just Might Work’, talented flute player and versatile actor, Michael Fassbender has bravely put his name down (probably in a shade of neon green) for the sequel to viral short film, Kung Fury which has a planned big screen break. It sounds so wrong but, my gosh does it feel right.

Originally directed and starring Swedish filmmaker, Daniel Sandberg, the film took place in the kung-fu kicking 80’s where the greatest cop of all time – Kung Fury – is bitten by a cobra and struck by lightning at the same time, giving him incredible kung fu powers. The incident occurs just before Hitler appears from the past and kills our hero’s commanding officer, forcing Kung Fury to travel back in time and thwart the Kung Fuhrer’s plans before they can take place.

If that, along with a mix of Viking gods, lazer wielding velociraptors and a cameo from David Hasselhoff doesn’t have you sold, then please kindly do one. The viral success off the original short that has gained over 40 million views and made an eventual shift to Netflix assures us that there’s space in the hearts of many for the best damn cop on the force, and the excitement for Kung Fury II: The Movie is just as high.

Currently there’s no confirmation as to what capacity the Alien: Covenant star will have when  Kung Fury II: The Movie roundhouse its way onto the big screen. Let’s just be grateful that as well as sharing the screen with legends such as the hero and his partner, Triceracops, we may also see the union we’ve always wanted – The Hoff and The Fass.

For now, take a gander at the original short below and start your day off right.


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