Somewhere out there, there’s a disheartened comic book shop staff member who swears blind to his colleagues that he served Ewan McGregor the other day. Don’t worry fella, we believe you and now you have the evidence to prove it with the news that the Trainspotting and ex-Jedi Knight has been doing some research on none other than Doctor Strange.

Yes, it turns out (so sayeth Badass Digest) that McGregor is a potential for the role of Sorcerer Supreme after Joaquin Phoenix eventually bowed out from the long negotiations he had with Marvel over the role. Nothing is set in comic book covered stone just yet though and there are still rumours in the internet-based ether that Keanu Reeves is being eyed for the part, as well as Ethan Hawke who has worked with the films director, Scott Derrickson in the past.

Should he, or Reeves, or Hawke take the role they’ll be bringing to life comic book hero Steven Strange, a revered medical surgeon who after a horrific car accident is unable to return to his medical duty. With science failing to return him to his former self, Steven sets off in the Himalayas where we meets an ancient mystic known as The Great One who teaches our lad the ancient arts of magic, giving him a new life as protector of our world from alternate dimensions.

Things will be getting Strange with the film set to start shooting next year, hopefully by then a doctor will actually be in before the scheduled release date of July 8, 2016.

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