To quote Aldous Snow (as I often do); Great, we’re going to actually let this happen. Apparently so, as news from The Wrap has revealed that The Shallows and The Commuter director Jaume Collet-Serra has deemed it a perfectly logical idea to direct a remake to Escape To Victory, that war football film your Grandad tells you to avoid.

For those that weren’t fed on a strict Christmas diet of Steve McQueen trying to jump a fence once a year, Escape To Victory was the WWII film that saw Sylvester Stallone and  Michael Caine team-up with world-famous footballers Bobby Moore and Pele as POW’s who have a kick about with their German captors. Little do the Nazis know, their prisoners are planning to bust out the joint and (wait for it) Escape To Victory.

Hoping to echo the charm and sheer awesomeness of The Great Escape and going wide in the penalty box, but it’s not without its moments. Then again, it doesn’t have a tune that’s been played at every England football match since 1996. Who knows, Collet-Sara could be the man to change all that?

At the moment the film has no cast member to make up the squad just yet, be they genuine actors or footballers pretending to act. We can only wait and see who gets called up for the job as development progresses. Heaven help us if they give Beckham a call. Sorry, Sir David.

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