Being no stranger to bleak dystopian futures, Elizabeth Banks is going to have a go at building one herself with news from THR that she’s in talks to adapt YA novel, The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Should she take the job, this will mark her second directing gig following her recent attempt behind the camera with Pitch Perfect 2, which made a pretty big pile of cast at the box office. Could this follow suit?

Falling into familiar territory as The Hunger Games and DivergentRed Queen is the first of a trilogy aputs us in a world where society is split into different factions (told ya) based on their blood type. This divide is caused by the low-level red-blooded folk, and the silver-blooded higher class who also wield supernatural powers.

At the centre of this divided world is 17-year old thief Mare, who after saving a royal member is taken to the folks up on high, where she reveals she has special abilities herself. Immediately she’s pulled from the world she knows and forced to live in the one she’s not particularly fond of, beginning to act as a double agent for the rebelling red against the specially-gifted silvers.

It’s exceptionally early days for Red Queen at the minute though, so Banks might just be the first name of many to slip through the cracks and placed near the directing chair. It would be quite a step up from her turn with the Aca-bitches, but having already attributed in The Hunger Games, this might be an equally good fit. The odds might just be in her favour but we can only wait and see. Keep an eye out.

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