It turns out that Warner Bros. is open to the idea of once again killing Tom Cruise in variously grim ways after reports from Deadline confirmed they’re considering a pitch thrown into the water tower for a sequel to the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt time trip Edge of Tomorrow

Tagged initially as Live Die Repeat and Repeat by the original film’s director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity), Matthew Robinson has been the brave soul to step forward with an idea of expanding on the previous movie, which would see Cruise and  Blunt back in their roles as soldiers of a future war against an alien race. The twist with this sci-fi action flick was that both were somehow trapped in a time loop that forced them to relive and fight through a battle against alien invaders.

It was a hell’uva lot of fun and saw Cruise go from a petrified zero to the hero we all know he can be, while Blunt was an absolute badass in what was a career-defining role. What’s worth being a little concerned about though, is that both have said they’re not willing to return to the battlefield without seeing the script first. In which case, Liman and Robinson better pull out a belter. Also keep in mind that even if Cruise does like the script, he may have to keep it on hold until he’s done filming his planned back-to-back stint with the next two Mission: Impossible films.

Whatever happens, the hope is that unlike the first time around, this film actually gets a title and sticks to it. Edge Of Tomorrow while being an absolute blast, has one of the rare traits of having its title change during its shift from theatres to home release. Labelled at one time as Edge of Tomorrow and then Live Die Repeat shortly after was a move which many agreed damaged its overall success. Here’s hoping that when this coveted script turns up at our leading pair’s door, someone has smartly just put a ‘2’ on the end to save them (and us) the confusion.

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