The Doctor might not be in yet but the release date for his solo debut certainly is, following the news that Marvel have stamped July 8, 2016 as the day we finally meet comic-book based conjuror, Doctor Strange. But ‘who?’ And ‘where?’ And ‘what the?’ you are probably crying out, depending on your concern for Sorcerer Supremes. Well thankfully, Marvel have revealed a few more details as well.

Admittedly, there’s still no confirmation on who will be taking the titular role with Joaquin Phoenix’s name still having yet to be uttered by anyone at the House of M. Heck, recently hired Ben-Hur lead Jack Huston could still be on to take the job after he was rumoured a while back. Nevertheless, the studio has plans to set up shop over at Pinewood Studios again, just as they did for the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Expect cameras to magically start rolling some time later this year. The film is being directed by Scott Derrickson who recently turned in Deliver Us From Evil to fairly mixed reviews. Thankfully, his eye for the unnatural and eerie should be suited well for this.

Shrouded in just as much secrecy as any of Marvel’s movies that have come before it, Doctor Strange will tell the story of high-level surgeon Steven Strange, who is unable to take his talent any further when his hands are severely injured in a near fatal car crash. Willing to go to any limit to return to his former profession, Steven travels to the Himilayas in the hope he can sort himself out. Instead he meets a mysterious man known as The Ancient One, who teaches him mystic arts he must use to battle foes from an alternate dimension, finding his new calling as our protector.

Seeing as they’ve got a time and a place for Doctor Strange to call in on, it should really be only a matter of time before we get solid confirmation who will be taking the role. Be sure to keep an eye out or even better an Eye of Agamatto if you have one whenever it gets announced. Yeah, that’s right! Comic book reference right there!

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