Disney have their eye on Arthur.

Making sure to get your weekly eye roll in early this week, Disney have revealed they have plans to give yet another one of their classic animations the live-action treatment with news that Game of Thrones writer, Bryan Cogman aboard to adapt it. Naturally, the idea of someone behind the world’s most popular sword and sorcery show working on a King Arthur tale sounds a lot better than it is, this is going to be a Disney film after all, so expect a very few beheadings, if any at all.

This will (according to Den of Geek) be Disney’s 14th title that is based on one of their own properties and the second King Arthur film in production besides Guy Ritchie’s Charlie Hunnam starring sword-swinger, Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur. This take will of course focus on lowly young squire Arthur who after meeting a wizard named Merlin is put down a path of heroics where he’ll eventually pull a sword from the titular bit of rock. Magic, monsters and a squirrelised Arthur trying to fend off another frisky nut smuggler will ensue and kids will look on as baffled as their parents are. Thanks again, Disney.

It’s worth noting that the original film was based on T.H. White’s series of novels, with Sword in the Stone being the most popular of page-turners. Could Disney have a competing franchise planned to see off the Knights of the Round Table starter that also has similar idea? Personally, my money is on the other Guy.

Currently Cogman is the only name on the project with neither any cast or directing name attached. Considering that the studio is turning these ideas out though, expect more news on this in the coming months, probably after another six remakes are ordered in. Got to make it an even 20 haven’t you? Be a waste of time if they didn’t.

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