Well that’s just prime.

Somewhere in Hollywood, Bumblbee is tearing up the streets with Michael Bay hanging off the side of him with some sort of lasso, nabbing screenwriters as for sport. That could be the only possible explanation for the stupendously large list of scribes that have been hired to work on the newly developed Transformers universe, which has just gained Daredevil screenwriter, Steven DeKnight.

Deadline reports that he’s joined the ranks of writers consisting of everyone from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to Iron Man handlers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway to name a few. This collab in construction follows DeKnight’s departure as showrunner for Marvel’s hit Netflix show Daredevil that will be returning for a second season next year without him. Apparently giant robots punching each other to a mangled metal mess is way more exciting than The Man Without Fear. Sorry, Mr. Murdock.

Next stop Cybertron: DeKnight joins screenwriting Transformers team.

Next stop Cybertron: DeKnight joins screenwriting Transformers team.

Currently there’s no solid detail about what the next bout between Autobot and Decepticon will entail, but you can bet it’ll have Optimus Prime spouting lines way too thought-provoking for a truck-transforming space alien. Then something will blow up whilst an attractive female runs away in slow motion. You hear us Bay, we’re on to you!


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