Who’s the Daddy? Wahlberg or Ferrell?

Mark Wahlberg looks to be giving his funny bone another tickle whilst Will Ferrell is keen to prove he still has one in the brand new trailer for Daddy’s Home, the second team-up for the two following their previous cop comedy The Other Guys.

The film sees the curly-haired giant as a step father to children he’s really trying to win over, only to have his efforts halted when the real Dad turns up out the woodwork trying to reconnect with the cute little nippers he’s left for years. From here, a match between alpha males begins as Ferrell tries with all his might to stay top father figure, whilst a shirtless Marky Mark builds amazing treehouse and rides around on a motorcycle, probably without a helmet – because he’s that bad ass.

Admittedly the trailer might not leave you trying to keep your sides from splitting, but it’s good to see this surprising comic duo back together again after The Other Guys which did have its moments. Could they recapture the manic magic this time around? If the current count of unconscious cheerleaders are to be considered, maybe.

The film is being helmed by Horrible Bosses directors Sean Anders and John Morris and also stars Linda Cardellini (aka Mrs. Hawkeye), Thomas Haden Church, Paul Scheer, Hannibal Buress and Alessandra Ambrosio. It hits American screens Christmas Day and Boxing Day in the U.K.

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