Not since Aaron Johnson’s name was pegged as leading man in Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla have any other names been mentioned for the 2014 planned picture.  Now with confirmation still to come on the Kick-Ass stars involvement, Variety reports that both Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen are in talks to be appearing in the radioactive blockbuster.

Details on both the thesps involvement are pretty slim but I’d bet a Gojira scale model that Olsen’s part will involve her screaming as she stares at the towering beastie. As for Cranston? Well, he’s got to say “God helps us” in a wary tone at some point, surely? Remember where you heard it first kids.

Since his surprising reveal at last years Comic-Con, Edwards hasn’t really let too much slip about his monstrous follow-up to Monsters. After showing a nice little reel that got the attending fans excited, the promise for this take on the 59-year old building-chomper is that it’ll be a return to Godzilla’s roots shown through Edwards’ realistic vision and will in no way involve Jean Reno.

Keep an eye out for confirmation on Cranston Olsen and maybe Johnson in the coming months.


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