Secret spin-off gets a so-so scribe.
Star Wars fans have got a good few stressful years ahead. One crammed with secrets and speculation, teasers and web-based tittle-tattle. As fans still pick apart that tantalising trailer from a while back, the force is awakening elsewhere in the Star Wars universe in the form of Gareth Edwards’ spin-off film which has just gained itself a new writer, so says THR. His name might not ring many bells for some but his past credits could easily split folks down the middle. Give it up for Osar nominated writer Chris Weitz, the man who co-wrote About A Boy (yay) and erm..Twilight: New Moon and The Nutty Proffessor II: The Klumps.

Hey look, nobody’s perfect kids, but it’s worth noting that there’s surely something Weitz has to offer to this refreshed franchise that will pay off. Also consider that proceedings are still be handled by current King of Monsters, Gareth Edwards who can create a stunning spectacle no matter how thin the story may be. What story that is precisely has yet to be confirmed of course; there’s still rumours a rumbling that Edwards top-secret, tell anyone and you’ll be force-choked chapter could focus on the likes of Boba Fett and/or his once carbonated captive Han Solo, but for now I’m going to keep an open mind. One highly-anticipated Star Wars film at a time, eh folks?

Should you want to get a good look at how Weitz’ writing talent is standing at the moment, you can catch his adaptation of Cinderella (directed by Kenneth Brannagh) when it runs down the steps to the screen March 27. As for that secretive Star Wars film, you’ll have to wait until December 16, 2016 for that. What do you think though? Has this new addition left you screaming like a heart brken Sith Lord, or are you open to see what Weitz brings to this ever-expanding table? Comment in the fancy box below.

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