It appears that everyone’s favourite psychopathic stocking-filler Chucky is taking a stab at every project he can. Not only was there recent confirmation of a Child’s Play TV series in the works, but now news from The Hollywood Reporter is stirring that we’re going to get a brand new revitalised model in a remake of the original 1988 film.

When the 80’s were dominated by the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, it was rosy-cheeked, kitchen-knife-wielding toy of terror Chucky that built its own fanbase in Child’s PlayThe terrifying tale of a possessed doll on the rampage had a dark humour running through the carnage that fell in love with. Eventually though, as the sequels continued, it was only the die-hard fans that were left to defend a franchise that had undoubtedly lost its edge.

The most recent entry Cult of Chucky did try to tap into what made the original so great but to nowhere near as much success as the founding frightfest. All hopes of bringing Chucky back on a killing streak rest on director Lars Klevberg and writer Tyler Burton, who is also penning that eagerly awaited 80’s-tastic action flick, Kung Fury 2 based on the short film that everyone needs to see before they die.

Admittedly, the revival of horror movie icons has more often ended in disaster, more than it has a bloody success. However, with the likes of the upcoming Halloween remake embracing the mistakes of the past to revitalise it for the future, there may still be help for Chucky and his much-loved passion for killing people in a fresh new take on Child’s Play.

Currently there’s no confirmation if the original voice behind the doll, Brad Dourif, will be stretching his vocal chords and screaming like a loon for either role. For now we can only wait and see, and also advise Annabelle to be afraid the competition. Be very afraid.

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