You can have your adventures with Eleven. You can have more than 13 Reasons Why if you want. The real dark horse of Netflix that’s still going from strength to darkly humoured strength is Santa Clarita Diet which is set to serve up its third season this month — and there’s a brand new trailer to watch to whet your appetite.

If you’ve happened to pass this one, the series follows a loving family who run into some issues when devoted mother and estate agent, Shiela (Drew Barrymore) begins to show all the character traits of a member of the undead. She can’t die (which is kinda nice) – but she does gain a hankering for human flesh (not so nice).

Carrying on from a great and perfectly stitched second season finale, the Hammond’s are continuing to deal with their own secretive horrors with a laugh and a smile as zom-mom, Shiela, continues eating people. The third season sees her doting hubby, Joel (Timothy Olyphant), consider the possibility of his own mortality, and whether or not to take his wife’s offer of extending it. The issue, of course, is that he’ll gain her concerning cannibalistic tendencies as well.

If you haven’t already partaken in a few morsels of this underrated show, please do have a go. Barrymore and Olyphant are absolute dynamite together and the script is bloody brilliant. Binge through the first and second season now and you’ll hopefully have room for thirds when Santa Clarita Diet returns March 29.

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