She’s working with John Wick directors for new spy film.

Driving into a post-apocalyptic car-tastrophe this week alongside Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron apparently hasn’t satisfied her arse-kicking appetite just yet. Having already got a taste of punching people in the face, and driving near things going boom, she’s now set to team up with the folks behind John Wick for The Coldest City.

Based on a graphic novel (well, of course it would be) of the same name, the film would see Theron as a secret agent sent undercover after an MI6 member is killed before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The danger in his passing though, is that said agent had an important list on his person that would reveal valuable details to the enemy if it ends up in their hands.

Sounding incredibly similar to Skyfall, but hopefully packing the same braun to brain ratio as John Wick didthis could be an interesting project for Theron to get stuck in to. Currently, the production is being adapted by Kurt Johnstad who wrote 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire as well as the upcoming Aquaman chapter in the DC films. John Wick handlers David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are set to direct.

There’s no confirmation where The Coldest City will be shuffled into the directors schedule at the moment. They’ve only just recently penned in John Wick 2 and will also be handling Chris Pratt and his slightly schizophrenic leading lad in Cowboy Ninja Viking. Expect Theron to throw down some time after both in what could be the beginning of an all new action heroine. Good, we need more of those.

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