Channing Tatum has been charged up for some time now over getting to have a go as Gambit in the X-Men universe. Now Deadline have reported that 20th Century Fox have finally laid their cards on the table, revealing that not only is Tatum set to play the Marvel’s smoothest mutant, but he’s also going to have his own solo film as well. Said table quickly exploded shortly after.

The news isn’t particularly new to anyone that has followed Tatum’s enthusiasm for the role over the past year. Describing the ragin’ Cajun as the most ‘un-X-man of all the X-Men’, Tatum said that he’s always loved the womanizing, smoking, drinking bad lad from Charles’ school of the gifted. Tackling the card-throwing character shouldn’t be too hard for him either, as both men originate from the Deep South too.

My knowledge of Remy LeBeau is a little slim, having only seen him on the original X-Men animated show and brought to life by Taylor Kitsch in that Wolverine film that we all choose not to think about. Still, seeing Tatum step into the role (and the X-Men universe, as a result) isn’t something I wouldn’t say no to. Currently when we’ll see said solo gig has yet to be confirmed, but there’s still a chance he could turn up a little earlier as one of the good guys going up against the mutants next big bad in X-Men:Apocalypse, which is set for release in 2016.

With talk of this solo film, its safe to say that 20th Century Fox have big plans for Gambit and Tatum. Whenever his story gets told, he’d be the only mutant besides Wolverine to get such treatment. Why would they be doing that if they didn’t see a future with the card-chucking Cajun? Could this be the X-Men’s new poster boy for when Jackman puts down the claws? More importantly would you like the idea of him being so? Sound off in the comments below and expect more details as they’re dealt out.

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