Marvel’s miniature hero makes another appearance.

It was apparent from the brief and divisive Age of Ultron that Marvel may be faltering with their box-office comic book world. Guardians of Galaxy felt like a new and refreshing chapter in the universe that they needed to tap into again, and that sort of off-the-wall oddball entertainment might be appearing again with Ant-Man. Now only two months away from release, some brand new stills have appeared over at showing Paul Rudd playing hero as the eventual shrinking Avenger.

Bringing a new hero to the picnic table and a few multi-legged friends along with him, Rudd plays good but slightly bad guy Scott Lang, who is enlisted by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to use technology that can shrink Lang down to an incredible size and communicate with ants. Using these abilities Lang must infiltrate Pym’s competitor (Corey Stoll) from using the same tech for more nefarious purposes.

There’s a lot here that are merely screenshots snagged from the trailers, but that’s not to say that what’s on show isn’t as interesting. Corey Stoll looks to be doing his best Lex Luthor impression as bad businessman Darren Cross, and I hope that considering his interraction with Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne we won’t be set up for a traditional love triangle between hero, villain and the woman they both hope to win at the end. We can only see what crawls up onto the screens when Ant-Man arrives in cinemas July 17.

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