Wolverine-Poster-NewsHave you ever been so annoyed at missing the bus that you feel like getting down on your knees and cursing the heavens? Don’t worry dear reader, for you are not alone. Looking at the latest poster for The Wolverine it seems that our favorite adamantium-infused hero is dealing with a similar trouble, however being all claws and no shirt, one would assume he’s bothered by more than just missing the number 36 to Chilwell.

The brand new poster for the return of the crazed canuck appeared via @TheWolverineUK and comes in the build-up to the new trailer that will be popping its claws very soon. Reprising his role for sixth time now (top-class cameo included), Hugh Jackman will be back as Logan in the James Mangold directed follow-up to X-Men: The Last Stand. Here we see him heading to Japan where he finds even more trouble to dig his claws into. Facing deadly gangs, and even deadlier mutants like himself, Logan’s quest for peace will instead find him slicing and dicing and doing what he does best – just a shame that what he does isn’t very nice.

As well as the new poster there’s also some brand new stills from the film (courtesy of EW) that can also be seen below. Have a gander and try to dissect some details to get an idea of what’s in store before the trailer makes its arrival later this week.

The Wolverine also stars Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee. Expect severe cuts and snikts to be had when it arrives in cinemas July 26.


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