James goes on a boat ride for a beer or two.

Sure he loves his Martinis, but the laws of product placement dictate that James Bond can’t go a film without a nice bottle of Heineken in his hand – right before he turns it upside down and cracks it round someone’s head. As with every specially selected item a brand new advert accopanies it, this time with our secret agent on the run and bringing an unfortunate holiday maker along for the ride. Oh, James – you always know how to show a woman a good time.

Turning the usual Bond traditions on its head however, this time around Bond isn’t the saviour but the saved, and it’s an aim that Heineken head, Hans Erik Tuijt was keen to enforce.

Discussing the promo Tuijt explained, “We thought it was an excellent time to introduce a woman of the world. If you look at other campaigns, it is always a man of the world that saves the day [alongside Bond]. We thought it was time to introduce a woman of the world [to the campaign]. It is the first time the Heineken character is a woman”.

Take a gander at the promo below and see what you make of it. Perhaps, it’ll be a lighter taste on the inevitably dark mission Bond will be taking when Spectre sneaks into cinemas November 6.

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