Binoche-Godzilla-PossibleAnother name has been added to the list of players that could be putting up at something and going ‘aaagh’ in Gareth Edwards‘ Godzilla,  and it’s a name that draws more eye-brow raising intrigue than a remake of a Japanese monster movie deserves. No disrespect, Mr. Godzilla, sir. Reported by Variety it seems that the iconic kaijuu has cast its bulging garden bush-sized eye on Julie Binoche to take up an as yet (wait for it) unspecified role.

Binoche is the latest name mentioned after the double name drop a while ago of Elizabeth Olsen and Walter Whi…uh, Bryan Cranston. Whilst the latter Breaking Bad and Argo star has yet to give the nod if he’s up for having a go at Godzilla, Olsen confirmed it shortly after. She’ll be joining Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

So where does that leave Binoche? Well, just like every other name on board, we have absolutely no idea. Edwards is somehow keeping the giant-sized project away from prying eyes but the fact that it’s caught a glance from Binoche should spark positive signs. In fact considering all the names involved it feels like this could very much be a smart Godzilla and you know, not one that involves him having a scientist and a French secret agent driving out his mouth in a New York taxi cab. Yes, I certainly did go there.

Be sure to keep ’em peeled for any confirmation Binoche or any other surprising names being thrown into the monster mash. Who’s next? Alan Rickman? Halle Berry? Clint flippin’ Eastwood? Watch this space.

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