He came. He cameoed. He kicked its ass.

Though he had suggested in the past that he would be no part of it, THR have got word that bustin’ still makes Bill Murray feel good, after being spotted on the set of Paul Feig’s upcoming reboot. Chances of him putting on the proton pack as Peter Venkman are a bit unlikely, but the site reports that the original Ghostbuster spent time on the set and will be making an appearance after all.

He’s not the only original member to be turning up in the film either, with Dan Aykroyd already being confirmed as having a part in the project. That makes sense considering he’s been pushing for another film for the past decade. Either way, they’ll no doubt be bowed down to by Feig’s all-female band of paranormal investigators played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wigg, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The film also stars Chris Hemsworth as the teams office receptionist Kevin and Andy Garcia as the Mayor of New York.

Don’t be surprised if Ernie Hudson’s name pops up in the coming weeks, as leaving him out would be most uncoo. For now, sit and scratch your chins over what Murray might be doing in his brief scene stealing moment. Answers on a postcard or at the bottom of the comments page here.

As for that Ghostbusters film that’s on the way? You can expect to see that when it arrives in cinemas next year, July 22


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