Bat of all trades Ben Affleck isn’t slowing down. Soon to take the mantle of the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and arriving in to our screens this very day in Gone Girl he’s apparently also circling a project that’s been circling Hollywood for some time, a gripping drama that could give him an intense leading role as The Accountant. Built that up too much? It’s a lot cooler than it sounds, honest.

Originally chucked in Mel Gibson’s direction and then Will Smith’s, The Accountant is a blacklist project that focusses on a mild-mannered number cruncher who moonlights as a deadly assassin. How long will it be though before he’s beating foes in the face with office stationary or cracking someone’s jaw open with a calculator? We can only estimate.

There’s no other names attached just yet but considering that Mr. Affleck is a re-rising star of late that could change very soon. The only other man who’s had a mention is director Gavin O’Connor who might be on board to direct. Yes, unfortunately once again another Affleck-starring film won’t have him directing either (you can’t have everything folks), instead he’s still got Live By Night in the pipeline after he’s done with his scowl in the cowl as Batman. One step at a time people.

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