The moment news broke out that Monsters director, Gareth Evans had been given the holy grail of big beast blockbusters to tame, fans let out a unified sigh of relief. Well, now that sigh has turned to cheer that will only be getting louder thanks to the arrival of the international trailer for Godzilla.

Now sure, there might be a lot of familiar footage from the previous trailer that appeared a few weeks back, but look real close and you might see a newly destroyed building there, a panicking civilian here and hey look kids, its Ken Watanabe with a foreboding look on nature. Hurrah!

Contrary to popular belief from the trailers so far, there’s really more to the film than a pissed off lizard stepping on cities like bubble wrap. There’s the human side to things as Bryan Cranston’s conspiracy-breaking monster-fearing scientist Joe Brody tries to make the government own up to Godzilla. Meanwhile his own son, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) stands on the front line in the hope of protecting the innocent, including his wife (Elizabeth Olsen) and son, who are back home wondering why there’s so many tremors and high levels of radioactivity nowadays.

Get a good look at the titular terror above and prepare yourself for cinema screens to get a hammering when Godzilla stomps on to screens May 16.


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