The Knight is darkest before the Dawn of Justice.

It’s another intense case of capes at dawn (a justifiable one, even) thanks to the brand new poster of Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder’s super heroic fall-out that is just over a month away.

Hopefully, both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil are going to do more than just stare each other down like they are in this new one-sheet that will be the last dregs of the promo push. Frankly, the less we see of it the better. DC’s flagship bromance has already shown enough to get comic book fans kicking up a fuss, so secrecy might be the best way to go anyway. Worked for Star Wars, right?

A confrontation so epic it gets its own hashtag.

A confrontation so epic it gets its own hashtag.

For those that don’t know, Dawn of Justice will see Cavill reprise his role as the Man of Steel who must answer for his actions not only from the world, but also one of Earth’s greatest protectors; Batman. Affleck as we all know and are intrigued by, will be putting on the cowl as the Dark Knight and showing Clark Kent that there’s one man on the planet who will stand against this god-like being and keep him in check. Let the break-up and make-up commence.

Joining in this epic encounter is Jesse Eisenberg as long-time Superman-hater Lex Luthor and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (who looks to be doing a cracking job in her solo film if that footage is anything to go by). Also added to the mix are Amy Adams back as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishbone as Perry White and Jeremy Irons as devoted butler to the Bat, Alfred Pennyworth, who may or may not compare things to tangerines. Watch this space for confirmation.

Anyway, check out the poster and give another watch of that trailer that has a Doomsday no one likes and share your thoughts on what the future holds for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice when it arrives March 25. Is this going to be worth a look see, or not? Sound off in the comments below.

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