If the world of Kung Fury wasn’t a universe you didn’t want to live in already, perhaps the signing of its new President – a certain, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger – would be enough to sway you. The action icon, former Governor and outspoken opposer to the current POTUS has put his name down to head back to the vibrant looking 80s world in anticipation of our bad-guy-punching protagonist.

The news comes shortly after the announcement that Michael Fassbender was also joining the ranks for the feature film that follows on from the viral sensation of a short film. Struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra, the titular hero, Kung Fury rides sports cars like skateboards, battles Nazi’s and goes toe-to-toe with the almighty Kung Fuhrer to save the world. Proper high brow stuff, obviously.

Following on from the original masterpiece, the film sees Kung Fury travel space and time to stop a new threat that has left one of his heroic partners dead and his team of Thundercops scattered to the wind. Kung Fury must reunite his legendary team once more to stop Hitler and his new mysterious ally, once and for all.

Considering the names that the project is gaining, it’s a wonder whether to take this upcoming title of ridiculousness a little more seriously now. Who else is going to make the cut, and will they be fighting for, or against the greatest cop of all time? Crackpot theories and best suggestions below, if you please.

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