The man responsible for some truly great episodes of television is now responsible for the prequel film to one of the greatest television shows ever made. After a rather rocky filmic career of late, director Alan Taylor may right his earlier wrongs (see Thor: The Dark World and Terminator: Genisys if necessary) when he takes on The Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark.

The Wrap have reported that Taylor, who already delivered nine episodes of the show during its 8-year domination of television screens around the world, will be tackling the tale that follows the riots in 1960s New York. The Many Saints of Newark will see us reunited with some characters from The Sorpranos that were either clipped or made it through the original show, this time focusing on the eruption between the African-American and Italian American communities of that time.

This isn’t a simple cash-in, either. The Sopranos original creative mastermind David Chase has penned the script, along with Lawrence Konner. Chase will also be producing and keeping a close eye on Chase’s good work?

The attempt is a brave one for Taylor, who’s not so great cinematic turns might have some fans concerned, even with his impressive efforts with not only the original show, but all Game of Thrones and Mad Men. More importantly, it’ll be interesting to see if it draws in an audience to match its origin. It’s been over a decade since we bid farewell to the late James Gandolfini’s iconic alter-ego and his cohorts. Could that same enthusiasm be reignited for a Sopranos project without its leading man? We can only wait and see. The next big announcement of course, is which brave soul will don the Don’s shoes in his younger years. Place your bets, and if you can’t pay them back then well, Paulie’s paying a visit by the end of the week.

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