Someone pinch Gareth Edwards because the guy must think he’s dreaming. Firstly, he’s directing Godzilla; a daring challenge that was met with immediate praise when word got out at the last Comic-Con. Adding to that, news yesterday revealed that Frank Darabont – director of one of the greatest films ever madeThe Shawshank Redemption – is giving the script a touch-up as well. Now the latest monster-sized morsel of gossip is that Aaron Johnson is currently being eyed to take the leading role in the film. Colour me interested.

The rather surprising revelation comes from Deadline who got word that the fella who will soon be putting his green threads back on to reprise his role as Kick-Ass is currently in Edwards’ line of sight for the upcoming picture. Now if casting rumours have taught us anything in the past (yes, I’m looking at you Guardians of the Galaxy) Johnson’s name might be the first but there’s certainty that it will be the last either, it’s an interesting choice nonetheless.

Unfortunately the breadcrumb trail ends there and in terms of plot details you’re going to have to wait. Should Johnson get the gig, there’s no telling if he’s going to be an every day civilian forced to turn hero and fend off the oversized iguana, or if he will approach the monster much like his fanbase and Godzilla will simply swoon at his general presence. It’s really anyone’s guess.

Keep ’em peeled for confirmation. Most likely before Godzilla‘s arrival date of May 16, 2014. Not long then?

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