He said he’d be back and it was with great regret that audiences were there to see it. Regardless of its intended trilogy, Terminator: Genisys proved that there really was no more ground for that franchise to run in to, and it was just another coveted IP that should RIP. So besides the sequel we got but didn’t ask for, what about the ones we want but still haven’t had? Here’s a pile of potential films that have every reason to be made but still have yet to see the light of day.


Unbreakable-2Unbreakable 2

How It Left Us Hanging: A lengthier origin story than most superhero films, David Dunn (Bruce Willis) only began accepting his duty as our hero in the final act, but more importantly who it was he was supposed to stop – comic book aficionado and insane arsonist Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass. Good did win over evil, but it was clear their war was only just beginning.

How It Could Return: Patton Oswald did a stellar job of pitching an Unbreakable trilogy on Screen Junkies, and the idea was airtight. Even so, Shyamalan let slip as far back as 2001 that he had an idea for a trilogy himself, but the villain of the second chapter ended up being used in another film. When Samuel L. Jackson spoke about it though, he expressed his enthusiasm to get back into Unbreakable and cause trouble for Willis’ Dunn. “Night’s still around, Bruce is still around, I’m still around. And I’ve love to break out of the asylum”. We’d love to see him do it.

Chance Of Sequel: Throw an Infinity Stone anywhere on your calendar and you’re guaranteed to hit a superhero film. With all these costumed crime fighters going at it, surely this would be the perfect time for David Dunn of Unbreakable to strike out for truth and justice on a relatively dry day with zero chance of rain. Realistically though, Shyamalan’s name carries a very different weight than it used to, and not the best kind either. Maybe his next film – The Visit – could fix his career and with it the chance of Unbreakable 2 as well.

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