Following the arrival of the final Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer, it’s pretty clear that we won’t be the only enemy when the apes go to war. Rammed with new footage and Caesar wielding a larger vocabulary, this sequel to the prequel looks to be another impressive chapter to wedge into the Apes universe. If you’re not even slightly excited about this than frankly you’re a bit of a banana.

Set eight years after the last film, humanity is all but extinct as the last pockets of survivors try to live with what’s left. Meanwhile, the ape community is continuing to flourish with Caesar leading them into a bright future. That is until, tension builds between man and ape and Caesar must decide what to do for the future of his people as the fate of both sides draws to its inevitable fate.

What’s really not to like about this? You’ve got Serkis back on full form continuing his masterful efforts in motion capture, along with Toby Kebbell as apeshit antagonist Kobu. As for our team, Jason Clarke appears to be taking on the responsiblity of leading man perfectly along the likes of Keri Russell and Kodi-Schmidt McPhee. Then there’s of course Gary Oldman, who lets face it can act his way out of anything because he’s a boss. This film will be immense. Plain and simple.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will be swinging into cinemas July 11. Book yourself a seat ASAP.

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