So as the gleaming lights of the Nintendo Switch reveal begin to dim and the excitement at seeing a shiny new console dies down, we are given pause to reflect on what is one of the most anticipated releases of this year. I know a lot of people who upon seeing the price of the Nintendo Switch have returned to their seat on the fence. But I’m still excited and I’m going to tell you why you should be too.

Local Multiplayer

Some of my most treasured memories with gaming involve crowding into a living room and destroying friendships with Oddjob on Goldeneye. Now when you talk about social gaming, you’re screaming insults through a headset at fourteen year olds around the world. Something that I feel is missing from modern gaming is being able to get some mates over and play games together. This is what the Switch can do; not only can you play multi-player straight out of the box (without buying extra controllers) but you can bring up to eight consoles together.



In the time I’ve owned my Xbox I’ve moved it maybe twice. Not only is it pretty weighty, but you’ve also got to consider the cables and accessories. In short, you go to where it is if you want to play. Now in steps the Switch the nifty little devil. One of its key selling features is how you can just pick it up and go. Yeah you’ve got all the suggested uses “to the park, on a train, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment”, but let’s face it the thing we are really excited about is this will allow us to play Mario from the comfort of our bed. Who needs the outside world, eh?


Casual Meets Hardcore

Nintendo for me has always represented the colourful and often quirky pick up and play games. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure they’ve had plenty of enthralling titles, but the ones I remember are things like Mario, Zelda, Bomberman. The fact I’m naming these titles says a lot about when I last owned a Nintendo console. But looking at the titles that will be available on the switch really makes me hopeful that this will be the console that unites the hardcore and casual gamers. Testament to this is the release of Skyrim. This is huge news and to me it’s a sign of things to come. That we are starting to see big name blockbuster games coming to a brand that historically gets dragged out of the cupboard when you’ve got family around and want to play Wii Bowling inebriated (at least in my house anyway). Could this be the console that really has something for all the family?


Crazy Motion Control Madness

This upcoming console brings with it a new generation of motion controlled games. While they’ve definitely been on the back burner in recent years as we push boundaries into VR. Their time is definitely not over, especially if you have some serious games alongside titles that leave you flailing at your TV (and not in the Dark Souls way). Motion controlled games are a great leveler in social groups, even the most elite gamer can be humbled with defeat at the hands of an amateur and to me that makes them all the more important for social events. No longer will you experience rejection in response to your invite to “grab some food, chill out, play some games” because they are sick of you destroying them on Halo.


Zelda: Breath Of The F**king Wild

To say I’m excited about this title is somewhat of an understatement. Not only does it introduce a huge open world to explore with so many elements of classic RPG’s but it does so in a setting that fills me with joy and nostalgia. The Ocarina Of Time is a pinnacle of my gaming life, I will happily sit and replay it to this day with childlike joy beaming across my face. As always I’ve been hesitant about a revisit to something that holds such a big place in my heart, but having watched 543 trailers (real figure may vary) and several hours of gameplay footage, I feel that my excitement is justified.

This is going to be the console that puts the social back into gaming, and let’s you play Mario Kart and Skyrim on the same console. What more could you want?


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