Just in case you’re unable to make a trip to the cinema today, there might be a good viewing session to be had in the form of Spider a truly brilliant short that has just been added to the draw of ReelGood Shorts on this fine Friday morning. Warning though, should a certain percentage of you be a tad squeamish, afraid of spiders or recoil at the thought of uncomfortable car drives, stop right there. For those which can stomach all of the above read on.

Directed by and starring Nash Edgerton (brother of Joel and last seen alongside him in Zero Dark Thirty) the short sees bickering couple Jack and Jill on a drive somewhere. Jack is keen to make up for whatever bother he’s caused his missus, hopefully bringing a little levity to the situation. Big mistake.

Made in 2007, Edgerton’s short makes for great viewing and must tick the box for anyone who hasn’t seen it already. Be sure to pop back for more shorts on ReelGood and if you’ve seen any that think deserve some attention, drop us a tweet or Facebook link sharpish.

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