When you’ve given the world one of the best films of 2018, chances are that big names will bite your hand off like a sound-sensitive creature of supernatural origin to get in on your next gig. That might well be the case for John Krasinski, who after his absolutely mahoosive success with A Quiet Place, could be close to setting up a deal with Matt Damon to take the lead in his next big conquest, The King of Oil.

Deadline have revealed that Krasinski isn’t parking himself down in the director’s chair just yet, but the project will be backed by his company Sunday Night Productions, that also had a hand in bringing A Quiet Place and upcoming Jack Ryan series to life. In a contrast to his recent projects The King of Oil will actually based on real-life characters, specifically Marc Rich; a Holocaust survivor who became one of the richest commodities traders of the century. Rich was no angel though, and in 1983 he was indicted on 65 criminal counts (with tax evasion being a recurring no-no), only to be pardoned by Bill Clinton during his last day in office, which didn’t go down to well.

The film will be based on Daniel Ammann’s book The King of Oil: The Secret Lives of Marc Rich which amongst it’s scandal-crammed pages highlighted just how many dirty dealings Rich was a part of. Besides a few counts of tax evasion, he also had major dealings going on with Iran during the hostage crisis that took place between 1979 and 1981.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed if Krasinski will take up the directing job, it would be interesting to see. Given the massive success of his recent effort, it’d be interest to see how could shift from downright terror to a money-switching thriller. Watch this space.

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